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When you spend a lot of time in a chair, finding the perfect combination of comfortability and temperature can be tricky, and for NBA2K League players, it could cost you an important game.

NBA2k League

The NBA2K League is an eSports league that was founded in 2017 and includes 17 of the 30 NBA teams. NBA2K is a professional gaming league where teams compete in online sports, in this case, basketball. The audience for NBA2K League is expected to reach 557 million people by 2021. Needless to say, this league is popular and tensions can run high when competing for the grand prize of 150,000. In the “heat” of the situation, you need comfortability so the focus is fully on the game.

To meet the needs of the players, NBA2K Leagues have begun to partner with Raynor Gaming and Outlast. Sponsored Teams’ players will practice on Raynor Group’s gaming chairs that incorporate our patented Outlast™ cooling technology, carry the “Certified Space Technology” endorsement and are specially designed to respond to body temperature during intense scrims and competitions.

Raynor Gaming Chair

As of July 2018, three NBA2K teams have announced their partnerships with Raynor Gaming. View the Press Releases here:

“We are thrilled to partner with 76ers Gaming Club during this, the inaugural season of the NBA 2K League,” said Marc Fries, President of The Raynor Group. “We are proud of our new association with Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, an organization with whom we have a shared vision and one that is consistently at the forefront of innovation. We are confident that this promising esports franchise presents the perfect foundation upon which to build Raynor’s future in the gaming industry; as we endeavor to create a top-tier assortment of best in class products incorporating unique technologies that players and fans will crave.”

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