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As time goes on, consumers are asking more and more questions about their products. Where does it come from? Who is making it? What materials are involved? How long will the product last?

Whether you’ve recently partnered with Outlast, or you’ve worked with us or have been a partner for years, our Marketing Team is here to help you promote our heat management technology so your consumers are knowledgeable about your innovative product.

1. Sales Training
Now that you’ve implemented the Outlast advanced heat management technology into your product, you want your sales team to know the benefits of the technology too. Since Outlast has many different benefits and methods of implementation that set ourselves away from the rest. We can provide you with online or onsite training so that your explanation of Outlast® technology is top notch so that your sales team and in turn consumers learn the benefits of not only Outlast but, your product. You can begin online training at any time by visiting this page or contact us to request onsite training. If you’d like to receive training materials to review for quick reference, please contact us

2. Demonstration Tools
You can explain all the benefits of Outlast technology, but we’ve found that the best way to portray the benefits is to experience the technology at work. We can provide demonstration tools so you can get a physical feel of what Outlast products will do. For information on these tools and to order for free, please contact us.

3. Certified Space Technology
Outlast® technology is the only phase change material that carries the Certified Space Technology™ seal of approval. The technology was first developed for use by NASA and continues to be developed and tested for efficacy and safety across multiple applications. Having Outlast technology applied to your product allows you the use of the CST seal of approval. We can give you all the information needed to market your product with CST information.

4. Hangtags & Labels
The largest percentile of your product buyers are probably not textile aficionados, so the most foolproof way to let your consumers know that there is Outlast® technology in your product, is branding. Outlast will provide your company with hangtags and textile labels. If you are ready to order or you need to reorder, please contact us.

5. Logos, Graphics, Images
Along with branding your product(s) at the point of purchase, our Marketing Team can provide you with any logos, graphics, and images you may need to promote the technology in your product. Outlast can provide your company with whatever you may need (within branding standards). To get in touch with a designer from our team, please contact us.

6. Assistance with Copy Review
Outlast® technology may be a little confusing at first, but we’re here to help. Along with a marketing standards guide, which, outlines design and copy guidelines, we will provide you with copy review assistance to ensure that your explanation of Outlast leaves little to no questions. If you would like to review our brand standards or have any of your copy reviewed, please contact us.

7. Call or Click Away
At Outlast, we strive to give you all the needed material to promote your Outlast product and help you boost sales. However, each company has their own needs and we want to help meet those needs. If you ever have a question, concern, or comment, we want to hear from you. Please give us a call or email and we will work with you to find a solution or answer.